Fish recipes baked

Baked fish is one of the healthiest ways to eat fish to boost the immune system. Whether it’s oily fish or white fish, you can make a delicious and nutritious dish with little added fat, and best of all, the oven does most of the work!

Fish recipes bakedv

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Fish should be included 3-4 times a week. By eating both types of fish, blue and white, we will be consuming proteins and essential minerals for our diet, as well as large amounts of vitamins A, B, D and E.

In this article we will tell you how to prepare 10 baked fish recipes: hake, salmon, sea bream, sea bass, cod, turbot and sardines, in different versions. Choose the one you like the most and start enjoying this food so important to our health.

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Almost all fish will do well in the oven, following a few simple steps. We can assure you that these recipes that we leave you below will be a success every time you prepare them. At the end of the recipes we leave you some tips so that you always have 10.


Salmon is a blue fish with an ideal texture for baking. We advise you to buy a whole piece so that it does not dry out, or very fatty fillets.


Hake is one of the most consumed fish, due to its good value for money, and because thanks to its mild flavor it is usually enjoyed by everyone, even by those who do not particularly like fish. . That is why we offer you different ways to prepare it in the oven, some for the holidays, such as baked hake, and others for daily use such as hake cake.

Other baked fish

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Although hake and salmon are two of the most consumed fish, in order to have a balanced diet it is advisable to vary and try different recipes. Cod and sardines are two fish with excellent nutritional properties, try them in these recipes:

馃憠 It may interest you (Sheet Pan Salmon with Potatoes and Asparagus: Easy and quick home recipe) 馃檪



Preparing baked fish with potatoes saves us from having to make a garnish: we cook everything together, and we obtain a complete and delicious dish, in which the potatoes also acquire a great flavor. We offer these recipes to show off:

Baked Dorada fish recipe


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In addition to potatoes, fish lends itself very well to accompany vegetables. A great way to make it juicy and to combine the flavors of fish and vegetables is to cook it in papillote. We leave you a recipe for hake with vegetables, but we encourage you to include other vegetables (onions, aubergines, leeks, asparagus, peppers, artichokes, etc.) and also a recipe for fish balls and spinach. , baked of course!

Fish recipe hake en papillote with zucchini and carrot

  • How to make baked fish perfect!

  • If you are using a whole fish, ask the fishmonger to give it to you clean, but unless it is not very large, do not cut the surface so it does not dry out during cooking.
  • In the case of salmon, buy a large piece of about 800 g.
  • If you plan to use fish that is already filleted, aluminum foil is the best option, so that the fish does not dry out. In this case, you can also opt for cakes.
  • Fish cooking time: of course it depends on the size of the room, but remember that fish cooks quickly; about 20 minutes, much less the salmon. That is why it is important that you first cook the potatoes (if your recipe requires it) for about 20 minutes, and then put the fish on top, to cook everything together for about 20 more minutes.
  • Baked mackerel (3 easy, quick and very healthy recipes)

We are going to make an easy and delicious baked mackerel with potatoes, a perfect way to eat this fish so rich in essential nutrients for our health.

Mackerel (also called xarda or verdel) is a blue fish rich in unsaturated fats, that is, healthy for the heart, because it has a great contribution of fatty acids, among which the precious omega 3 stands out, which has the power to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. That is why it is very important to include fatty fish in our diet, at least once a week. Salmon, tuna, bonito, sardine and mackerel, among others, are blue fish.

So this baked mackerel recipe we’re going to make today is perfect in every way. We will ask the fishmonger to clean the mackerel for roasting, so this dish will take a few minutes to be ready to send to the oven.

  • Baked mackerel or xarda fish recipe

  • Ingredients
  • 4 mackerels
  • 4 potatoes
  • 3 garlic cloves
  • parsley
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • How to make baked mackerel fish with potatoes


  • We prepare the potatoes

We cut the potatoes into squares so that they cook quickly, we can also cut them into slices of approximately 1 cm. We grease a baking dish; We cover the bottom of the plate with a bed of potatoes; Season with salt, pepper and a little oil and cook (preheated) at 180 掳 C for about 20 minutes.

  • We make a garlic and parsley mash

Finely chop, or crush the garlic and parsley in the mortar. Add 2 tablespoons of oil and reserve.

  • We cook the mackerel in the oven

We take the tray out of the oven and place the seasoned mackerel (already clean as we ask at the fishmonger) on the potatoes. Brush the fish and sprinkle on the mashed potatoes. We put the tray back in the oven for about 15 minutes, the time will depend on the size of the mackerel, it can be a little less or a little more.

TIP: We can also use mackerel in the fillets. In this case, we reduce the cooking time to 10 minutes.

And ready! Our baked mackerel is ready to serve with your potatoes. Did you like this recipe for baked mackerel with potatoes?

  • Mackerel baked in papillote with vegetables

Ingredientes: 4 filetes de caballa de unos 150 g; 1 cebolla 1 calabac铆n 1 zanahoria 1 pimiento rojo 陆 lim贸n; 2 cucharadas de aceite de oliva virgen extra; Sal; pimienta negra

Preparaci贸n: Precalentar el horno a 200 掳 C. Pelar y cortar en juliana la cebolla y el resto de las verduras. Lavamos los filetes de caballa y los secamos. Cortamos el lim贸n en rodajas. Colocamos en cada hoja de papel de horno parte de las verduras y un lomo de caballa en cada una. Cubre cada filete con 2 rodajas de lim贸n, sazona y espolvorea con unas gotas de aceite. Cerramos el papel para formar paquetes bien cerrados y metemos al horno durante 12 minutos. Servimos en el mismo peri贸dico.

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  • Baked mackerel with paprika

Ingredients: 2 mackerels; 3 garlic cloves; 2 teaspoons of sweet paprika; Dijon mustard; a little white wine vinegar; Salt; extra virgin olive oil; Saffron

Preparation: We make a puree with the garlic, salt, paprika and oil. Spread the puree over the mackerel loins and marinate for 陆 hour in the refrigerator. We heat the oven to 180 掳. We place the mackerel on a baking tray with the skin facing up and season. We bake for 25-30 minutes, depending on the size and thickness of the mackerel. While we prepare a vinaigrette with Dijon mustard, vinegar, oil and saffron, beating until emulsified. We remove the mackerel from the oven and the sauce with the dressing on top.

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  • How to fillet fresh mackerel to bake

If instead of putting all the mackerel, remove the loins from the mackerel and clean them from the thorns, surely your guests will appreciate it and eat it better, especially children, it is worth it.

  • More delicious fish recipes

Here I leave you the superior and innovative fish recipes that are simple, fast and delicious in the menu below 馃憞 will love it! Try them today! Cook, enjoy … and then, if you want, share.馃珪馃檪

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