Cream Meal used for fish breading

Cream Meal used for fish breading.It seemed impossible to have found the perfect cream!.Finally, a cream that only serves as a filling to decorate, with the perfect texture, the mild flavor, nothing sweet and nothing buttery that I have never tried before.

I have always been and will continue to be a proponent of Swiss buttercream, because its velvety texture is unmatched, but it is one of those creams that makes me a bit sticky if I eat it in abundance. With the milk cream it won’t happen to you

Cream Meal used for fish breading

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The heavy cream is delicious and better…. Cheap!

Before the recipe, I want to tell you some tricks that you should keep in mind so that the result, if it still fits, is 10 squares!.

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  • Tricks for a perfect flour cream

  1. Always use a manual mixer to make the béchamel cream so that it is smooth and without lumps.
  2. It is important to always push the flour with the warm milk before making the béchamel. It is sure to have a silky finish.
  3.  Let the bechamel cool completely, but at room temperature, if you put it in the refrigerator before making and finishing the cream, let it come to room temperature. Take it out of the fridge a few hours before.
  4. Butter at room temperature … very important. In short, all the ingredients must be at the same temperature.
  5. Do not hit excessively without exaggeration, or it will take in too much air and cut. In the recipe, I will indicate the speed of my machine and the exact mixing time, as well as the accessories I use, so that the result is perfect!

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Now let’s go with the recipe: Cream Meal used for fish breading… you can’t even imagine how delicious it is.

Details ¿ how to do cream Meal used for fish breading?

  • Preparation time: 17 minutes
  • Cook time: 5  minutes
  • Total time: 22 minutes
  • Difficulty: beginner
  • Calories / serving: 350
  • Serves: 4 servings
  • Cream flour ingredients

  • 4 level tablespoons flour
  • 220 ml milk
  • 250 gr of butter at room temperature
  • 150 gr of icing sugar
  • How to prepare the creamy flour that is used to bread fish

    • Heat the not cold milk in the refrigerator and add the flour. Put it over medium heat while continuing to move with the stem until it thickens and turns into a plump béchamel sauce.
    • Let cool completely. You can do it the day before, but remember, it is important that to finish the cream, it is at room temperature.
    • Beat the butter and sugar on speed 2 (medium-low) for a minute and a half. You will notice that it bleaches a bit.
    • Add the bechamel sauce and beat at the same speed for a minute. Once ready add the flavor you like the most, I used a little vanilla paste and added a very generous teaspoon … which I love!

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