Hake recipe in papillote

Today we share a simple and healthy recipe for the whole family, hake en papillote. Hake in foil is prepared in a very short time and is delicious so you will surely love it.

Hake recipe in papillote

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Papillote is a fantastic cooking technique. It consists of wrapping food in aluminum foil and baking it in the oven, that way it is cooked in its own juice, being very tasty, in addition to losing less nutrients, making it a very healthy option.

Hake is a fish with a very mild flavor so it is usually enjoyed by the little ones in the house, and today we are going to be cooking deboned hake, so it will be very comfortable for them to eat. We are going to cook this hake in aluminum foil with some vegetables, I assure you that they are very good that way.

Although I personally have other fish that I like better than hake, I must admit that this recipe is finger licking good, you will tell us!


  • Ingredientes
  • 4 trozos de merluza
  • 4 zanahorias
  • 1 calabacín
  • 1 cebolleta
  • Sal
  • Aceite de oliva virgen extra
  • Papel aluminio
  • Step-by-step preparation of Hake recipe in papillote

    • Peel the chives and chop it, do the same with the zucchini and carrot, all finely chopped. Brown over high heat in a pan with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a little salt. You don’t need to overbake them as they end up in the oven.
    • In a piece of aluminum foil we put a bed with these vegetables, on top we put the piece of hake, add a splash of extra virgin olive oil and form an envelope with the paper tightly closed. We put these packages in the oven, preheated, at 180 ° C for 8 or 10 minutes. We serve the packages on the plate, opening them will release all the aroma.
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